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This Mastodon jawbone was found North of Vian and was later donated to the Sequoyah County Historic Society.

About Us

The Sequoyah County Historical Society is an organization of enthusiasts who are committed to preserving the history and artifacts that tell the unique and colorful history of Sequoyah County.

The Sequoyah County Historical Society Museum has on display many diverse items, some of

them dating all the way back to pre-statehood.  You may even find a couple items, like the item in the photo above, which is a jawbone fragment of the prehistoric mastodon.  Some other items of interest are World War 2 memorabilia, including a captured Japanese flag, an original oil painting of Jefferson Davis, who was the President of the Confederate States of America and many native American artifacts.

We have several events throughout the year and we offer an open invitation to people of all ages to become members.  If you would like to join or would like to arrange a tour of our museum, feel free to reach out to us by filling out the form on our contact page or giving us a call.